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Stamp Zoo

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Welcome to stampzoo!


Pass us around please^

This is an animal themed Stamping Community

-You will be stamped according to pictures and a little survey (see below)
-Stamping will take place once a week or you have 6+ votes of the same animal. and only mods can stamp

Rules, Application & Other Important Stuff

-Before you apply, please vote in at least 3 others and include links. if there arent 3, just vote on the ones there and come back when there are more & edit your post
-Place your application, especially the pictures under an lj-cut
-When posting new applications please tag the entry with "needs votes"
-Please do not dress up as the animal you want to be stamped as
-You don't need to be stamped to vote, but you have to be a community member
-When stamped, please save the stamp to your own server. if we find out youve been hotlinking, we'll just move the picture somewhere else & you'll lose it.
-When applying for a theme, please post subject as "Stamped as [your animal here]" and what theme you are applying for.
-Gotta have a regular stamp before you apply for a theme
-You can always apply for past themes if youve missed them, just specify which one you're applying for
-um that's it

Survey: <-copy and paste
1. Name:
2. Age: (note- if you're under 14, youre not supposed to be on the internet)
3. On Saturday night, you can be found:
4. would you rather a good book or movie:
5. dance club or coffee house:
6. hobbies:
7. favorite color:
8. anything else you'd like to tell us:
9. pictures (At least 3)

Monthly Theme
Jan/Feb Cats
March Small Dogs<< - current!
*dont worry about missing a theme-you didnt! you can apply at any time after the theme has opened!!!

List of available animals & stamps
Bear: Loud, Friendly, Adventurous
Cat: Intelligent, Playful, Sophisticated
Deer: Shy, Loving, Gentle
Dog: Out-going, Playful, Loyal
Dolphin: Intelligent, Social, Playful
Flamingo: Vibrant, Social
Fox: Sly, Athletic, Determined
Giraffe: Strong, Clam, Proud
Goldfish: Vibrant, Social, Forgetful
Kangaroo: Family Orientated, Bold,
Koala: Lazy, Loving, Laid-back
Lion: Bold, Loud, Proud
Monkey: Intelligent, Cunning, Playful
Mouse: Shy, Small, Sneaky
Peacock: Colorful, Vibrant, Show-offish
Penguin: Dedicated, Loving,
Rabbit: Hyper, Athletic
Squirrel: Mischievous, Hyper,
Turtle: Shy, Careful, Wise
Zebra: Unique, Strong
note: these are just some of the things i think of when thinking of the animals listed. feel free to vote according to your own opinions of the animals as well!


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